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Jan 30, 2022
Had this problem a while. Smart cast wont work right, skips and freezes, unless I delete phone frome tv and restart tv. I try to reconnect and first try it wont but the second always does, then it runs perfect but if I disconnect and try to reconnect I have to do it all over again. How can I fix it? It's a samsung tv, no internet/ wifi it's all offline. My galaxy s7 and a20 work every time I use them but the s21 won't. The problem started a couple months ago I was streaming a movie and the power went out for a moment then came back on and since then I've had this problem.
Reboot the router
its not wifi thats the issue. samsung phones can connect to a samsung smart tv via the samsung tv app. i never use it. i have chromecast that i i use. i love the remote that the new chromecasts comes with.

have you tried wiping cache and even data on the tv app on your phone?
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