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Help Misalignment in Chrome app


So basically I've noticed that the tab number in the top right of the Chrome app on my S4 is not centred - it's slightly too high so it touches the top of the sqaure. Although not a major malfunction, it is infuriating. I've attached a screenshot so you can see what I mean. (The '2' is not in the centre of the square)

Is there any fix? I've tried uninstalling the updates and then reinstalling them to no avail.

P.S I'm doing this on my phone so I'm not sure how the formattings going to be. Forgive me if its terrible.

Thank you

Looks like it didn't attach the first time. This is the screenshot I was talking about.

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I am afraid I cannot help except to say that mine doesn't do that. I don't really use Chrome so I had to check but the 2 on mine is correctly centred.

I have to say that you must be easily infuriated if you find something so minor infuriating. Life must be rather stressful so I hope you manage to fix this annoyance at least.
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