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Missing old 1.5 widgets with OTA, is there a fix?


Nov 14, 2009
Hi all, my Eris is having a problem some other people noted, where the old widgets from 1.5 all disappear after updating to 2.1 via the OTA. I've tried soft resets with and without battery pulls, and have gotten nothing. Has anyone else had this problem? Did they figure out a solution? I've heard also to hard reset the phone but I would rather not if there's some other solution!

EDIT: Strangely, under Manage Application, I still have Bookmarks, Calendar, People etc widgets listed, but they are "0.00B" with "0.00KB" total of space. Looks like they got wiped or something?
I have this issue too..... Its EVERY widget from 1.5. Clock/weather, text messages, HTC Peep, Large Calender, etc. And Im also having the facebook issues, but thats not really a priority for me. And on another note, my Last.fm widget doesnt let me log in. Does anyone know if this is a 2.1 issue?

I just recently got my phone, so a factory reset wont be an utterly horrific process. But I just want to double check. If I factory reset, it will go back to 1.5? And if thats the case, I can re-install 2.1? And if so, there would be a chance that my widgets would be where they should be again? I miss those widgets so much.... :(
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I thought I read somewhere that you can clear a cache somewhere and this issue would be fixed? I can't find the answer, and I'm currently having this issue with my sister's phone... just did OTA update, and all HTC widgets are gone...

Or maybe it was like a uncheck/recheck a sync somewhere? Ugh I don't remember what thread it was in... :(
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I just took the plunge and factory resetted! I have my widgets back, but when it came to calling up verizon and reprogramming the phone, i had some issues! It took a couple tries but finally i just got it to reprogram! Thanks for your help everyone! Ill let you know if i run into any problems! (and ill be sure to check if my market force closes on me! )
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