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Help Missing text messages? New ones arrive, and disappear.


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Oct 10, 2011
Living room
Once in a while, I will get a "group" text from someone (usually my supervisor). If that same person sends me a direct (non-group) text after sending the group text, the direct text disappears.

I can see the first few words of the text in my alert drop-down menu (the menu with the quick-settings). But, when I look at my text inbox, that direct (non-group) message is gone. The download link for the group text is showing as the most recent text from that person, but the direct text that was sent afterward is gone. Has happened a few times.

Also, does anyone else have to connect 4G up to actually "download" your incoming group text or even pic message? It won't use WiFi or voice signal on my phone...... and half of the incoming pic messages wont' download even on 4G. Says something about that service not available on network (despite the fact that I've been in the same ROOM many times downloading pic messages).
I get the same thing, particularly from iPhone users.

With data off I'll get a group message with a bunch of phone numbers but no caller ids associated with them, and often the message has to be downloaded before it can be read or seen if it's a photo. Once data is turned on and the phone gets around to grabbing the content, the caller ids fill in and some of the message seems to get lost, but what actually seems to happen is that if there are members in the group message that you already have previous conversations with in the message app, the group message gets chopped up, and reformatted and the content is available within the thread of that particular user who has responded to the group message.

I've also received and sent MMS messages that don't get delivered to a group until several days later.

Also, multiple images sent from an iPhone come in as a severely resized little video/slides how.

So I quit sending group messages (which are MMS) and just send a multi recipient regular text message and get responses from each individual seperately.

I'm not sure the issue is just our phone though. I think it has something to do with the way Verizon processes them when they're sent or possibly the way different phones format MMS messages. If you do some googling, there's a lot of discussion about it across platforms and different phone models.
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Yeah, my supervisor is an iPhone junkie. Any group message I get from him is likely to get discombobulated and become a "download", often as a "0 K" size message, meaning it's bunk.

I get him back though. Before I changed to doing a "pattern" for unlock, I was always sending him pocket texts, some of them with interesting Swype guesses. For whatever reason, my pocket texts always went to him. My SUPERVISOR.
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When I got my Commando in the mail, I opened it later at night. Put it on the charger and activated it. The next morning (at 4am, which is when I get up) I started fiddling with it, getting used to the software. I opened an email where a buddy of mine gave me his phone number. Of course, I accidentally tapped the number, and it rang 5 or 6 times before I figured out how to hang it up lol. This was my first actual smartphone, and I had no idea what I was doing, especially at 4am.
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