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Root MIUI XJ can't change lock screen from slider?

I have MIUI XJ and have downloaded some custom lock slider themes from here.

I pu them in the correct place on my SD card and wen into Theme Manager and applied the theme. When i change the theme however my lock slider remains as the standard MIUI XJ one, and won't change off of this.

Is there another setting I need to change to allow me to change the slider?

Any help much appreciated. Thanks.
Dont just leave it on the sd card try moving it to "themes" before applying it directly from "edit theme settings"

Here is the step:

put the mtz file in.. sd card/MIUI/themes

then on your phone go to menu/settings/personal/themes/edit theme settings/lockscreen

you'll find the lockscreen there. Simply apply it.. Done!
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Ahh I see. Its really strange Mark Huk's MIUI works for you cos alot of peeps esp me reported various problems on it. Meanwhile XJ's rom has been running flawlessly for me and it certainly has been getting rave reviews from alot of folks on XDA. I guess you phone just refuses to play nice with XJ's version....

EDIT: It just occured to me you may be on old version?? Are you on latest v1.7.1?
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Woke up this morning and as you said, MIUI had an error... already! Extremely disappointed with it, it mixed all my widgets up after ONE restart. Gah.

Went back to MIUI XJ but decided I needed a fresh start, so downloaded the 1.7.1 version and installed from fresh. Working great :D The custom slider is working now as well. No idea what the problem was :/
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Haha Been eyeing up MIUI lately eh? Thought it wasnt to your taste! ;) Alot has changed since you last tried it.. MIUI has simply moved onto another level it keeps on surprising me every week! Not only you can change lockscreens and status bars you can even add extended setting mod found on MIUI forum. It gives you option you to hide carrier name, clock, battery and usd debug. I could go on n on.....
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