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Root MMS messages not working on gingervillain...?

Open titanium backup, go to backup restore tab.

Scroll down to [sms / mms prefs] and wipe it.

Let me know if it works. If it does work ill explain why

ok did that

it said data wiped

this is what i see under messaging app

picture i'm sending to myself (as a test)

then "me"

and underneath that "sending...."

that sound wrong?
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Send a message and see.

You can send yourself a text, so I can't see why you can't send yourself an MMS.

whey heyyyyyy

it worked

cheers fellers

i'll prob use it like twice a year - but its a feature that should work and now does

love this community :)


i had mobile data (3g) connection on while it sent

should mms messages send without 3g been turned on?
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MMS has been around longer than 3G, so it shouldn't need that (my previous phone didn't have 3G and could still send/receive MMS). It does use package-switched data though, so at least a GPRS connection would be needed.

Is it smart enough to make that connection temporarily if data is disabled? You might think, but I tried it just now and it didn't get anywhere - in fact even after enabling data while sending it just sat saying "sending" until I got bored. Sent fine when I enabled data before trying though.
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