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Root mms not showing

after my recent flash to the CM7 i dont getn mms at all.. have the newest n cricketone avalable on rom manager. i am on cricket

Are you using data to send them? Wifi won't send them. If that is not the case it should work so best thing to do is reflash, you may have had a bad flash. I know a few people had trouble when flashing through Rom Manager.
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yes threw data and yes.

i think my apn is correct.

name : cricket
APM: wap.mycricket.com
proxy: wap.mycricket.com
port: 8080
username. phonenumber@mycricket.com
password: cricket
server: <notset>
mms proxy : wap.mycricket.com
port: 8080
mmc 310
mnc 16
auth: pap or Chap
apn type. *
apn protoxol ipv4

everything should work for cricket, just make sure you carrier is selected.
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Thank you I do that and it dose not come up the Voice Dialer works but it wont bring up the APNs

I get MMS from people but it download it

open voice dailer and try again, but if you with metro and flash the metro, you shouldnt have to mess with apn...but if you do just make sure you carrier is selected when you open apn's.
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I had a problem like this, did you use Tibu to restore your apps? If so when you restore your mms info it can mess it up. I did that, and I couldn't send or get mms. I reflashed and did not restore anything that had to do with mms, and it worked.


what she said, if you restore messaging from stock to cm6/7 than messaging will not work.
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