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Oct 19, 2012
Recently my wife's Razr HD started having problems receiving photos via MMS. My Razr Maxx HD is having no problem receiving the same photos, and as best I can tell, our phone settings are the same. She is using the messaging app that came on the phone, while I am using Textra. I installed Textra on her phone to see if that would help, but no luck.

When her phone tries to receive the photo text, it says "downloading", but will not go past that point. After researching the issue, I've found that if I disable wifi, she will see the photo, and if I keep it disabled, a new photo can be immediately received. Also, data is enabled.

Both phones have the latest Android update installed. All messaging settings seem to be the same. When my phone was updated to KitKat, I did do a factory data reset. I didn't do a FDR to my wife's phone because she was already unhappy that I updated her phone and she lost some things she liked on the old OS. :(

Any suggestions what might solve the problem, and is there a chance a FDR might fix the issue?
An FDR will loose a lot of her settings. In the same vein it should loose whatever setting is causing the issue. This does not mean when you, or her, reset the settings you like it will not reset the problem you are now in. Same issue with apps that are saved on your accounts not coming back and biting you. Before contemplating a FDR maybe trying booting into safe mode is a good idea.
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Thanks for the replies, guys. I did try Chomp on my wife's phone and it worked, so thanks IHateMyTreo. I retried Textra, and now it works, but the "stock" messaging app still doesn't. So I'm giving her the option to try both Chomp and Textra to see if she likes one or the other. If not, she'll have to deal with disabling WiFi when she's at home to receive MMS photos.

Tanware, I might still do an FDR, but I hate to mess with her phone anymore unless there's no other option. I learned this lesson the hard way.
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Lars, I'm not sure what she's talking about as I've never seen her phone when it happens. After seeing your post, I ask her about it, and she's says it's not happened in the last couple of days. I went ahead and disabled hardware overlays and have ask her to let me know if she gets another blue screen. Thanks for the suggestion and will update here when I can tell if this has helped.

You talking about everything flashing blue after Textra loses focus? I got that too. Try turning off hardware overlays in Developer options. If you don't have Dev Op in Settings go into about phone and tap the Build seven times.
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