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I actually have both stock and the handcent app., which I uninstalled there was no error message it just wouldn't send em out n in some cases it would hours later. Sprint told me it could've been low reception bars but it would work fine with sms texts. And this morning I tried with the handcent app uninstalled and it seemed to work fine.but I would like the app back just worried it'll mess up my hero
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Over on PPCGeeks, we have been tracking MMS issues on the Hero as well.. Basically I can never recieve MMS messages, I call sprint, they change something on their system, I recieve one or two MMS messages, and then it breaks again. I am convinced its something on their system.

Here is the link: MMS Download Issues (NOT WIFI ISSUE) - PPCGeeks

PS - Make sure your Wifi is not connected when you send or try recieve picturemail. It will cause errors.
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