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MMS Video Not Working


Nov 30, 2009
When others send me a MMS video the video does not play. It shows up as a still image with no audio. I tried taking a existing vidio that I took from the phone and sent it to myself. It did the same thing? When I go to save the MMS it says there is a .jpg file and a .qcp (audio) file?

Does anyone know what is going on any why I cant view MMS videos?
I am using Handset SMS. When I go to the MMS program that came installed it is doing the same thing?

Hey i had the same problem. Go into Android and D/L CHOMPSMS that will clear it right up. I had the same problem but scence i downloaded CHOMPSMS. I was aple to view all my MMS VIDEO AND PICTURE MESSAGES!! Hope this helps..:D

Are we the only ones that are have this problem? Is it a phone problem? Do I need to return it or take it back to Verizon?
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