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Mobile Hotspot with Unlimited Data for $30!


May 17, 2011
Derwood, MD
I just hung up with Verizon. This is the info I was told. EXISTING Verizon 4G customers who had service (4G only) prior to July 7th have the option of adding a $30 unlimited data Mobile Hotspot feature to their existing $29.99 data plan. The $20, 2gig Mobile Hotspot option is no longer available to 4G customers. Needless to say, I signed up for the unlimited $30 mobile hotspot!! New customers, as of July 7th are subject to the new tiered data plan. This is special promotion pricing for 4G customers who already had the $29.99 unlimited data plan on their phone. You may need to tell the Verizon person this. The person I spoke with had to do some digging to find it in her computer.
Logged into my account and don't see the limited option available. Wonder if this is a package that can only be ordered via phone or with the device. In any case, don't want my unlimited data plan to go away "accidentally" by choosing something else...

I called Verizon when I signed up for the plan. It does not exist within your My Verizon account.
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