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Root [MOD] [Team XPOSED] Roaming Options are here!


Dr. Feelgood
Aug 30, 2011
As usual, this is not my work. Originally posted on XDA by team XPOSED

This Mod allows you to have the "Roam Only" option in your wireless settings.


Image from XDA thread.

It is a flashable zip in recovery. Check the XDA thread here for more info:
[MOD] [Team XPOSED] Roaming Options are here! - xda-developers
Thanks for posting this up RX! :)

Just a friendly reminder for those who like to roam a lot. Too much roaming might throw a red flag to Sprint and they may send you a letter. It takes a while for this to happen tho.

I will probably use this more often now because Sprint service is scarce around where I'm working. Hell, service period is scarce around here,LOL. :D
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Doesn't a little box pop up when roaming, asking if you want to open roaming settings? If you allow roaming you're good right?

Does this mod offer any advantage over the aforementioned settings change? On my drive to work there's one town I always roam in. If this mod would allow me to stream music from Play Music better that would be awesome.

If you choose automatic, your phone will roam on any network Sprint has an agreement with, although you'll only get 1X data. Also if you choose roaming, you'll only roam, you will not use the Sprint network even if it's available. To get full data from another carrier, like Verizon, you'll need a straight up verizon PRL or a sprint / Verizon hybrid. We don't have those yet for the El Tevo. :(

Have we confirmed that the latest PRL allows for data roaming?

The latest PRL does indeed allow data roaming, I've been data roaming since I got this phone. When roaming, data will only be 1X, not 3G.
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