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Help Moment freeze

I have the sprint samsung moment 2.1 no mods or roots. completely stock.

This phone is horrible, I have to turn it off every 5 hours to keep it from freezing. Battery only stays charged for 5 hours. And the reception is horrible.

No one on any forum wants to help guide you, you get smart a$$ answers. Sprint doesn't even know how to use the basics for this phone.

Im totally lost.
My post was probably poor taste but I find it terrible that this forum is truly all about helping moment owners and so many people are quick to post I am gonna get rid of this phone. Most will agree on here that sprint is behind the times when it comes to android phones for support. There are four very important and helpful stickies right at the top of this forum. The poor reception is probably the real cause of your poor battery life? Is this at home? Work? School? Some people have had help by getting an airave to control at least the phone signal in the house plugged up to your broadband connection. The next thing I would look at is did you upgrade or get the moment with 2.1 on it. I would first try to reflash 2.1 and then see what happens. In all honesty modding it with a custom kernel would most likely resolve most of your problems. SDX is a great resource for improvements. Try that and then get back to us.
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What kind of freezing issues are you having? I just spoke with sprint yesterday about my Moment's signal locking up at 2 bars and not being able to make calls or send/recive texts. They walked me through some options and reset somethings. I wish I would have written them down. I want to root my phone again and I am afraid I will lose those settings.

Ever thought about rooting and running a custom ROM? It's very easy to do and you could always go back to stock (I doubt that you will once you cross over).

Good Luck!
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