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Moto G5s plus won't turn on


Mar 13, 2021
A few days ago I was using the phone normally and suddenly it turned off even with the battery level charged at 80%, when I tried to turn it on it only worked until the motorola logo and it turned off again

Whenever it turns off, the lightning battery appears as if the battery were at 0% and then the real battery level appears

I only managed to turn it on by plugging it into the charger, but if I disconnected the usb cable the phone shuts down immediately, for some reason it gradually deteriorated to the point that it did not turn on even with the charger plugged in, and I only got it to turn on in factory mode from the bootloader and plugged into the PC.

Then I tried using LMSA, I only got the problem to be solved temporarily, when I installed the firmware that LMSA indicated to me, the phone returned to work normally even without being plugged in, until I downloaded an app and it turned off again, i tried to reinstall the firmware with LMSA several more times but it didn't work anymore

I also tried unlocking the bootloader and flashing the phone on my own, but that didn't fix the problem either, the only thing I solved is that now it starts up without using the factory mode, but if it is not plugged in, it turns off.

I already took it to an official motorola technician, they didn't want to take it because according to them my phone is assembled in China and they don't have the tools to fix that model

I don't know what else I can do, does someone have a solution?


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