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Moto G8 Plus (XT2019-2) Corrupted device, cant run in RSA software

I have with me a Moto G8-Plus XT2019-2, one of the rear cameras was not working, me and my workmate switched the camera, and turned on the camera, and shes started working, but the front camera stoped, we through the problem is a software issue, i tried to unlock the OEM in the configs and i started the fasstboot mode, but showed a message saying "This device is corrupt.", i passed the phone on the RSA and the message desapear, but the camera isnt working again, i tried to do a downgrade mannualy and i got it, but whein i tried to lock the bootloader again and the same message of before apears agains, i tried to run the phone on RSA again but shows a failure message saying to go to the motorola help center to resolve it. What should i do to resolve that?!?
I agree with @ocnbrze Take your phone to a trusted, nearby phone repair shop and have them look into this for you.

From your description, instead of just focusing on your phone's Camera app you've created a more complicated fix/repair/restore than necessary. Rough analogy being you're using to sledgehammer as opposed to just a basic hammer -- a minor software issue with the camera app doesn't require flashing the firmware.
It's just not a good practice to unknowing experiment with things like Fastboot nor flashing possibly questionable ROMs. Maybe with a secondary phone you don't need and just want to teach yourself about Android fundamentals, but not on daily usage phone.
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