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Moto X vs Nexus?

I'm in the market for a new phone. Currently have service on MetroPCS for $40/mo. I am deciding between buying a used Nexus 4 and using it on Metro. It seems like Nexus 5 is not supported on Metro or I would consider that. Option B is switching to Republic and getting a Moto X. There are obviously different considerations about the carriers but talking strictly about the phones how do they compare?

I know the Republic phone is locked to their custom ROM but it also doesn't come with a bunch of bloat and with my Metro phone that was the only reason I cared about rooting so I could get rid of all that stuff. I assume the Nexus 4 will let me update to Kit Kat where as the Moto X is on Jellybean. Both seem like nice devices. Nexus 4 in good condition will cost me around $225 on Ebay from what I have seen Moto X is $300 brand new.

Any thoughts?
i have no experience with the n4...haven't even seen one in the wild. but i do have the moto x on republic. the phone is the nicest, by far, of any i've owned. no stutter or lag at all.

the "always on" feature is cool. touchless controls are cool. the active notifications are cool. motorola assist is cool. the whole device is just cool.:)

and it will be getting KK in april.

hope this helps. don't ask me about the camera. i wouldn't know how to evaluate that. pics look fine to me...that is the extent of my photo expertise. i like the phone, but i like the republic plan even more. it costs me 10/month for calls texts, no data. the really cool part of the plan is that once a month i go to new york, and i switch to unlimited 4g for a few days, and i pay only for a few days. then i switch back when i get home.

btw, republic will have the moto g available in april.
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I find it hard to understand how the Nexus 5 wouldn't work with MetroPCS if the Nexus 4 does. Assuming that the Nexus 5 does work on MetroPCS, that's the phone I'd go for without hesitation.

On the other hand, if the choice were between a Nexus 4 and the Moto X, then despite having a Nexus 4 that I'm extremely happy with, I would probably go for the Moto X as it's a 6 months to a year newer model but more importantly, the Moto X would be new rather than second hand and you never really know how a second hand phone has been treated.
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