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May 15, 2010
Hi all

Have just received my Atrix and looking for a little opinion / guidance. It is still on 2.2 "Froyo" as it is the UK T-Mobile version and is un-rooted at the moment.

Originally I signed in to Motoblur and added my accounts. I very quickly decided I did not like this so factory reset my phone and started again without Motoblur (only signing into the Google accounts). I since noticed that the Motoblur feature is needed for OTA updates (when they come!!!!) and remote wipes (fair enough I suppose), however I would like to keep the rest of my accounts as far away from Motoblur as possible.

I now have
Launcher Pro
Facebook app
Twitter app
Google apps

Now my question....

Can anyone recommend a good app for Hotmail. I am willing to pay if the quality is good, but it has to run separate to Motblur and support the ExchangeActiveSync that MS use for Hotmail.

Alternatively is there a way to use the inbuilt email but keep it separate to Motoblur?

Hope this makes sense.


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