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Root Mounting problems

Hello folks, I successfully rooted my X with the instructions at the top of this page, here. I am using the 928Droid BGX 2.3 ROM with LauncherPro over the top of it. For the most part, everything is working great. I am having one nagging problem though. Whenever I try to unmount the phone, I have major problems with the SD. I have unmounted the phone in the usual manners, switching the usb option to charge only -or- eject the phone from my Win7 machine.

When I switch the phone to charge only, it unmounts like usual, then it mounts again while in charge only mode. When I eject the phone from my desktop, it unmounts, but the card does not mount back to the phone. Not sure what is going on, or if I have provided enough information. Thanks folks for taking a peak.


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