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move-happy mods


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Nov 12, 2009
i certainly understand the need to move all these threads into their appropriate subforums. the main forum should not be 90% troubleshooting threads. however, i would like to point out that moving threads entirely out of the moto-droid section can be counterproductive in that:

1.) it breaks up the droid community, which is not really the same as the android community.

2.) some apps for android actually work differently for the droid. for example, we don't have a trackball.

just thought i'd mention it. thanks. :)
I think mods are able to use their judgement on things like this. I totally agree that certain problems with apps should stay in the phone (ie droid) section. But when the question is more general about an app surely it would be better served in the applications section for multiple reasons.

Firstly when the problem is more like "how can i change this apps setting" more people can see it to answer it in the apps section, leading to faster and more accurate fixes.
Also when a fix is found it may be useful to other people who don't have a droid, but do have that app.

If like you say the problem seems to be unique to that phone then it should definitely stay there.
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