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Moved apps not showing up.


Aug 27, 2012
Northeast UK
I updated my s3 the other week to the official 4.3 before it was taken down. unbranded 02 uk. 2 days ago I get the message that the update had been re-released. I tried to update but and I get the message that the servers are full try again later rubbish. was checking drippler and they had a fix where you unmount the sd card, do a factory reset, stop any play updates then check for the update again. this didnt work. before I did this I moved all my apps that would to the 32gb sd card. I remounted the sd card but none of the apps are showing up on my phone even tho when I check the sd card its got 26gb used. anyone no how to get my apps to show up or are they all lost.


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