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Moved to the G3, thanks for all the help.

Let us know how the G3 compares. While my N4 is still pretty snappy, I've been getting the itch lately, too. :)

The G3 is great. Real fast and has a lot of new bells and whistles.

The only issue is the wireless charging. ATT has decided to use PMA instead of Qui and there is not build in charging circuit in the phone, you need a charging case for which there is only one. But some guy on another fourm has designed and is having stickers manufactured that goes inside the back cover to allow wireless charging. They will cost about 20 bucks and solve this problem. But my two Qui pads are useless and I have to buy PMA ones. (I got one from Amazon for 8 bucks Delivered) I am still waiting for the chips to become available from this guy.
Verizon and TMobile use Qui and there are third party things out there that solve this problem already.
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