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Movies of 2023

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Oppenheimer and Mission Impossible top my list. I'll watch the latest Indiana Jones as well.
all i have to say is that Tom Cruise is insane. that motorcycle stunt was absolutely worth the price to see the movie. if you have a chance go see it in IMAX i would watch asap. you have until this thursday to see it. most theaters will be switching to Oppenheimer this Thursday night. IMAX is the way to go with that movie IMHO.
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fortunately i work sort of near Universal Studios and they have an AMC theater that offers IMAX 70mm........most definitely going to see Oppenheimer in IMAX 70mm.

i saw Dunkirk there and OMG what an experience.

edit:had to remove the youtube video. looks the youtube made it private for some reason.
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LOL......its been geeting really good reviews.

there is a trend of people going to watch Barbie and Oppenheimer:

not sure i want to go that route......LOL!!!!!!

It's unbelievable how this Barbie movie is still getting all these great reviews. I have zero desire to see it. I'm sure my wife will want to see it. I'll tell her to go with some of her friends
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