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Moving Apps to the SD Card


Mar 20, 2011
Now that we have the capability to move Apps to the SD card with the 4.3 update, are there any apps that SHOULD NOT be moved and should be left on the phone, even if moving is available? I thought I'd move a bunch of stuff, but maybe there are some things that should not be moved. Is there criteria for moving/not moving?

Mostly games, multimedia and data should be on the SD card. Apps tied to widgets (weather, calendar, etc) being used should be kept in internal storage. Diagnostic monitors should be kept in internal storage. Or at least for me.

Also depends on the app and dev. There are some apps that could be large (~1GB) but only move 50MB to SD card. Only because the dev doesn't fully support the move to SD function. While others will transfer the majority of it's data to SD. So it will vary dependent on what the dev does with their apps.
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