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Moving from Note 4 or Incredible 2 to the Honor 6X


Sep 9, 2008
Nashville, TN
Any super techies out there might have some insight on how someone might feel about the Honor 6X if they are moving from an Incredible 2 or Note 4?

Those are more 'high end' yet older phones - but maybe they stack up ok (minus special features like spen etc) to a current mid range phone. I know this one is considered low end, but.. well, I'm not sure why honestly.

Do you think we'd be disappointed or happy with the $250 price considered?
It's not something I'd do.

Moving from an older flagship device to a middle end current device would be a "sidegrade" (I don't know if I just made that word up) so you wouldn't really be getting much more for your money; to me it would be pointless.

If I was looking for a cheaper deal, maybe, but there's no way I'd "upgrade" to a middle of the road phone which lacked the features of a flagship for the same price as I was paying for my current device.
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