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honor 6x

  1. Android News

    Huawei shares its Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

    Huawei has shared which of its devices will be available for a discount starting on Black Friday and lasting through Cyber Monday.
  2. Android News

    Huawei Mate 9 and Honor 6X receive permanent price drops

    The Honor 6X is now available for only $199, while the Huawei Mate 9 is now available for $478.
  3. Android News

    Deal: Honor 6X for $199

    Typically sold for an already affordable $250, the unlocked Honor 6X gets an irresistible $50 discount. The offer ends July 22nd.
  4. Android News

    Huawei P9 and several Honor devices getting EMUI 5.0 update

    Huawei has confirmed that it will update the Honor 8, Honor 6X, Honor 5C, and Huawei P9 this week with EMUI 5.0. The Honor 8 Lite will launch in China next week and will be the first phone to feature EMUI 5.0 out of the box.
  5. Android News

    The Honor 6X may soon be available in two new colors

    A new leak gives us a look at new press images for the Honor 6X. The images suggest that we'll be seeing a Pink and Blue variant in the future.
  6. Android News

    Honor 6X vs Moto G4 Plus mid-range smartphone comparison

    Android Central has published a comparison of the Honor 6X and Moto G4 Plus to see how Honor's latest device stands up against the "status quo". In fact, after dissecting the 2 devices, the Honor 6X is recommended despite not having Android Nougat yet.
  7. Android News

    Some Honor 6X users are seeing the beta update to Nougat

    After opening the Android Nougat beta program to owners of the Honor 6X, it seems that some users have already started receiving the software update on their devices.
  8. Android News

    Huawei announces Honor 6X Nougat beta program for US

    Huawei has announced via the Honor US Twitter account that the company is seeking beta testers for the Nougat beta program in the region.
  9. O

    Honor details Valentine's Day deals

    Honor has deals on all their smartphones for Valentine's Day. You can get up to hundreds off of phones like the Honor 8, as well as an insane flash sale that will net few lucky shoppers the Honor 5X for $1. All deals come with free accessories, to boot.
  10. GamerCore

    Honor 6X durability and stress test [VIDEO]

    If anyone is curious about the actual build quality of the Honor 6X -- as in, how durable the phone is -- Zack from the JerryRigEverything put the through one of his famous stress tests. Some interesting things about this test: The screen is VERY easily scratched, so investing in a screen...
  11. GamerCore

    #1 thing every Honor 6X owner should do

    If you're looking to get the best possible performance out of the Honor 6X, there's one thing you should do above all else: Protect your apps. By default, the Honor 6X's software (EMUI 4.1) has a feature that quietly kills any and all background apps every time you sleep the display. This may...
  12. Android News

    The Honor 6X doesn't fare well is this bend, scratch, and burn test

    If you're interested to see how the Honor 6X does in the bend, scratch, and burn test from Jerry Rig Everything, you can now check out the new video. Since the 6X is a budget phone, it's not surprising that the phone doesn't hold up that well.
  13. GamerCore

    Honor 6X takes better photos than the iPhone 7 [GALLERY]

    Over the weekend, I decided to take a handful of photos comparing the camera quality of the Honor 6X against the iPhone 7. Can't say I was expecting much (we're talking about a mid-range $250 device vs a top-tier $650 one), but I was curious. To my surprise, the Honor 6X actually beat the...
  14. Android News

    The Honor 6X is not very durable at all

    JerryRigEverything has published a durability test of the Honor 6X which shows that it won't take much to break or scratch the device.
  15. GamerCore

    Honor 6X camera samples [PICS]

    I've had the Honor 6X for a little over a week now and I know how important the camera is to a lot of folks. For a $250 smartphone, the camera actually takes a pretty nice photo. It struggles in anything but daylight. Indoor lighting is tough and like most phones, low light is terrible. The...
  16. Android News

    Honor 6X review says it doesnt feel entry level at all

    Phandroid just published their review of the Honor 6X and they were impressed with what Honor offers for the price tag that comes with it. The Good - Great price - Outstanding battery life - Premium build quality - Acceptable performance (with some tweaking) - 3.5mm headphone jack - Front...
  17. Android News

    Honor 6X review says it hits almost all the right points

    GSMArena's review of the Honor 6X says the phone stepped its game up in almost all areas, including build quality, software, processing power and display. That said, they feel the camera actually took a slight step backwards, something that may be a killer for those who place importance on it.
  18. Android News

    Deal: Free headphones, battery pack with Honor 6X

    B&H Photo's latest deal throws in a couple of free accessories with your Honor 6X purchase. You'll be hooked up with a free 10,050 mAh battery pack and a pair of JBL Bluetooth headphones for its standard price of $250.
  19. Android News

    Honor 6X launches in India

    Huawei has announced the Honor 6X for India. The device will go on sale exclusively at Amazon starting February 2nd. This octa-core smartphone will run for Rs. 12,999.
  20. Android News

    Honor wants you to review the Honor 6X

    Honor has announced a new program where 5 lucky fans will receive an Honor 6X in an effort to help the company improve upon the software on the device.
  21. Android News

    Honor 6X review says it's a great phone for traveling

    PocketNow has posted their review of the Honor 6X, praising the budget phone's price and specs and it's ability to keep a charge all day.
  22. Android News

    The discounted Honor 6X sold out in 25 minutes, but Honor is planning another flash sale

    Yesterday, the Honor 6X sold out in 25 minutes after the flash sale started, but Honor has stated the company will hold another flash sale on January 18th.
  23. Android News

    The Honor 6X flash sale is underway and you can get one for $199

    The Honor 6X flash sale has just started which will allow you to save $50 off the regular price and get the new smartphone for just $199.
  24. Android News

    Honor's flash sale knocks $50 off the new Honor 6X

    Honor is holding a flash sale for the Honor 6X which will knock $50 off the price, bringing it down to just $200. The first 300 buyers of the device will receive a case, headphones, and a selfie stick for free.
  25. E

    Honor 6x vs ZTE Blade V8 Pro?

    I have to make my mind up in the next few hours about which phone to get. I am on Metro PCS and do NOT use my phone for gaming though I do multi task. I am partial to the ZTE but can get the Honor 6X tomorrow for 50 bucks off. Which would you go for? I hate the honor does not have USB-C and with...