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Is the Honor 6X really considered lower end?

I think its 'Lower End' rather than Low end.

Its certainly nowhere near the bargain basement, cheap rubbish sector of the market...

If Oneplus want to position themselves as the "Flagship Killer" for Mid-Range Prices... Then this looks like the equivalent "Mid-Range Killer" at a Lower end Price.

I don't know much about the processor, and it doesn't seem to have fast/wireless charging, and they haven't made it out of solid gold... Camera cut down from the bigger models... But it looks like a really,really good device for the money. I can imagine this making a lot of people very happy in 2017
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With the 50 off flash sale yesterday and the 3 accessories, what a bargain for a 'low end' phone. Even at 250. We are used to paying so much for our phones and I wonder sometimes if we need all we are paying for..

We pay a lot of money for some phones as well in China, like top-end Samsungs, HTCs, and iPhones. Also we don't have any carrier subsidies either, so phones are always full-retail prices. AFAICT the Honor 6X is priced about the same here as in the US(1599 yuan CNY), but here there's many more China phones available of course. :D
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My idea of a low-end phone is something usually costing less than equivalent of $100 and is quite basic in its appointments. Small internal storage like 8-16GB, low resolution screen, slow processor, mediocre camera, no fingerprint unlocking, no NFC, etc. Maybe something like a Samsung Galaxy Core or Young, or Alcatel/TCL phones.
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