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Mp3 files silently removed after some days


Sep 20, 2022
I have used a Samsung Fold2 and now recently a version 4, during using the Fold2 I noticed that my media files would go missing after a few weeks of moving them from the cloud to the phone. Not all the files, but all the oldest ones that where before the most recent ones I copied. So its like a batch thing.

I recently bought a Fold4, and less than a week of using the phone it has done the exact same thing. First batch of mp3 have just gone, vanished, not even in recycle bin. Only latest 5 have remained.

Previously, I had an S8, no issues there at all.

So, I was hoping it was a faulty phone, but it doesnt look like that when its now happened on 2 phones. Something on the phone is probably doing this, either a weird setting, a reset of some kind, or an app - but I hope its not an app.

Anyone else seen this issue ?

How can I enable logs to see what is happening ?

How can I trace whats happened to those files ?
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If you're losing them on the cloud storage that's one of the things that made me never get 'into' the whole cloud storage thing. I have heard horror stories of people losing their entire MP3 collection because a cloud provider had some sort of copyright dispute over the songs stored there. It's enough to ensure I'll always have them either on internal storage (and backed up multiple places) or on an SD card.
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