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Help MS Exchange birthday field not in sync list


Aug 30, 2011
I have just go my S2 a few days ago. Spent hours setting it to sync OTA with my corporate MS Exchange. I have managed to sync all my 900+ contacts, emails and calendar. But there is one issue. I have data in the birthday field in quite a few of my contacts. But the sync does not carry the birthday field to the S2. When I run a birthday reminder utility, there is not dates to read. How do I make it sync the birthday data? Is there a way to select which field to sync?
After further check of the phone, I found this. The birthday data are actually synched with the calendar in the phone. I say this because birthdays appear on the respective date in the calendar. But when I browse the details of a contact, I could not see the birthday field or data. Is the problem with the birthday utility that cannot read the dates?
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Actually, the birthday reminders in the calendar are data read by it in MS Exchange. There was no specific process done the S2. The question is still:

How do I make android support and sync birthday data with MS Exchange? How to add this field in android as a field to sync beside the default fields like names and numbers?
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I have looked around in this forum and others about this issue. It looks like there are issues/bugs on birthday field sync between android phones and MS Exchange. There are many posts about birthday fields not appearing on the phone. So I will just rest my case until the bug is fixed by Google. Just have to keep patient. This is the only negative point about this phone as far as I am concerned.
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