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MT3G sluggish need sd help


Oct 15, 2010
Hey everyone! I have been running really slow for the past few weeks and not the phone is almost unusable it takes so long to open anything and constantly force closes. God forbid I actually try and call out on it I have about a 50% chance of my call being placed vs getting a message that says the dialer has to force close. The things I have on my home screen take ages to load as well. I have gone thought and deleted a bunch of apps and clean out my txts daily. The only thing I think takes up a bit of space is pics. I have close to 80 pics and want to move them over to my micro sd card but can not find anyway to save them to the card. Can someone please help me? I am at my wits end! I have been looking online and in different forums but can't get a clear answer. Thanks in advance for your time:)


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