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Help Multiple thin yellow lines flashing on screen when using phone for an extended time


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Jun 26, 2012
Jarrow, Great Britain
Hey guys, had this problem for a while now but it seems to be getting worse.

I have multiple thin yellow lines flashing on screen, it doesn't do it all the time and seems to start when I use the phone for an extended period of time. I've been playing Angry Birds Go and that seems to kick it into overdrive. It happens on screen no matter what is on, chrome, a game or even the home screen.

I have done a factory reset after getting the 4.3 update, didn't stop it.. Anybody know what is causing this, am I going to have to book it in with HTC?

looks like the phone is overheating or , as you put it, getting kicked into overdrive when playing applications.

of course this is not normal behavior and yes you need to schedule a call with htc to send it in. looks like a hardware issue.

when this occurs, does the phone just stop responding to you? I mean can you still access other functions of the device when this happens?

does the touchscreen stop working?

can you make phone calls when this happen?

IOW, can you still use the phone normally when this happens?

is the phone noticeably hot when this happens?

if you do an immediate soft reset does it go away or does it still linger after the soft reset?

i ASSume you are not rooted.

did this happen PRIOR to updating to 4.3?
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All phone functions work as normal, no loss of touchscreen sensitivity at all and phone does run warm when playing games but no worse than my old one X or even this before it started.

Soft reset does nothing however leaving the phone alone for a while stops it for it to start again once using phone for 10/15mins.

Not rooted and I can't recall it happening before 4.3 but I do remember having this on the very top row of pixels, just really can't remember if that was pre or post 4.3

For what it's worth screen capture does not capture these lines, had to use the missus iPhone and was surprised how clear you can see them.. they do flash it isn't a solid line
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Yeah, phoned the carrier who won't touch it with a barge pole so got put through to HTC south Africa who was convinced it was the camera lol, no matter how many times I told him it's not.. Will wait until after Christmas and go through it all then. Gotta say I'm totally unimpressed with after sales support, thought the people on the end of the phone would have some knowledge of these things but found myself explaining over and over what was happening & they couldn't seem to grasp it.


Just a quick update on this.

Sent the phone in for repair last Friday and received an email today saying my phone would be delivered back to me tomorrow. Out of curiosity I phoned them up and the problem was the screen which has been replaced also during testing they found a problem with the receiver (something to do with wifi or phone signal I presume) and this had also been replaced.

This is the first time I've used the repair service and providing my phone is without any dinks or anything I'm very pleased with how quickly this has been sorted.
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