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Multiple usernames/passwords for a website


Sep 21, 2022
I am new to Android & have encountered an issue - I need to store more than 1 user name / password for a single website. Specifically, gmx.com where I have several email accounts each with a different password.

I am using the built-in feature within Android, not an app. Using a Moto Stylus phone.

From what I have found so far, Android appears to catagorize username/passwords in alphabetically order & only allows 1 username/password per letter - thus I seem to be only able to store 1 username/password for gmx.com.

As I say, I am new so maybe the above info has errors, but if so, proves I need some guidance which will be much appreciated. TIA, Joe
Well you could install several different web browsers from the play store, each one used to login to your gmx.com accounts....
As I don't believe 1 browser will by default save all 7....
Chrome browser should be able to save all of your username and passwords to gmx...

I am using Chrome, but have not figured out how to get it to do that. Chrome has stored usernames/passwords for several other websites. However when I go to gmx.com it will only let me select 1. Seems to me that Chrome considers it a feature to have a limit of 1 username/password per website. Maybe this appearance is just my lack of understanding so I welcome any guidance. TIA, Joe
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When you log into one of your user accounts (typing in that user name and password) at that gmx.com site, if you want to switch to a different one of your user accounts you just have to log out of the account you're logged into in order to switch users (at that point, typing in the other user name and its password).
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