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Music/File Storage problem


Feb 8, 2011

I've recently purchased a HTC desire HD and there is one thing that is a big problem. I put a 32GB micro SD card into it and when I try to copy all my music across to it (10GB) it all successfully transfers and I check that the folder has it all there and it does.

When I try to go to play this music in the music player it says that there are only 204 tracks there (i actually have nearer 2000). When I plug it back into my computer the music folder is now only 1GB in size but the disk drive in my computer says that 10GB is missing (the music and the basic android memory card stuff are the only things on the card). I have tried formatting the card and this same problem always occurs.

Please help.

I suspect you need to search the forum for threads regarding bogus memory cards. A lot of people have bought cheap high-density SDHC cards from eBay, only to discover that what they've got is actually a low-density card that has been re-labelled.

So your supposed 32 GB card might well turn out to be a 4 GB card formatted to show a false capacity of 32 Gb and with a new label stuck on it.

A quick search here will tell you how to check whether your card is really all it's claimed to be or not.
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