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Ok, so with a driver download my Commando can now talk to my pc

Here is the ongoing "problem", I have MP3 music files scattered all over the place (from the various downloaders I used), they are all listed in three places, the "master list" which also has my ringtones, the "Music" app that came on the phone, and "Play Music" app that was recommended to be used.

I can play music all day on headphones no problem but when I plug the USB into the stereo (Pioneer) in my truck it will only play the "master list" including the ringtones. What have I done wrong ? I've tried to make a playlist as per the phone instructions but the pc keeps telling me that I can't do that. And the partial playlist I made in the "Play Music" app isn't recognised by the stereo either. It IS one made to play MP3 and others through the USB port

Any assistance with this is greatly appreciated in advance, the people at the Verizon store are no help at all except to say I "can find it online"
I can't solve your problem, but here is how I handle music on my phone. I use PowerAmp Pro, which is the nicest player I've found for Android, and you can browse folders or do the "playlist" thing. I use folders.

First, on my PC--- I do sort all my music from the various downloaders. Tedious, yes, but worth it. I just dig up the folder it's stored in and move it to the appropriate PC folder.

I have various folders labeled by music genre (or however I want it). I copy/paste these into Google Drive on my computer. Google Drive automatically uploads them to their cloud.

On my phone, I use FolderSync to synchronize my phone's music folder with my Google Drive, every night while charging. I only have to tell PowerAmp to "rescan folders" and the new stuff shows up.

I never hook my phone to the computer. No need to.

All I have to do is copy my music into the master folders on the computer, copy them to Google Drive, and DONE. Foldersync does the rest.
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Thanks redfish, I'll try what you suggested but also my gf let it slip what one of my Christmas presents will be, an MP3 player (she has seen me pulling me hair out while trying to get this straightened out lol). I looked at all the folders in both internal and SD and most show they are empty but I'll go look again and try to put some order to them.
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if you want the music to show via USB, you most likely NEED to add the music while the phone is in MTP mode, (which should be how say, your car stereo pulls stuff from a flash drive) also, clean up your music, and centralize it, for ease of exploration, and so other devices dont have to search your whole drive for the mp3s..

i always play via headphone though.
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