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Music Player questions

Hello Gents. Techno-moron here.

I currently use my GNote and its standard Music Player for my MP3 music and I have some questions/comments:

1. I thought it made sense to use my phone as well for my music to get rid of my iPod (and unload my pockets) but clearly, the iPod sounded superior to my disappointment (using the same earphones and flat equalization setting for a fair comparison). Is this the general truth? The same music sounded even much worse on my other phone, an SGII. This brings me to my next question...

2. I can tweak the equalization but once you get out of the Music Player, the settings are reverted to the flat settings on your next MP launch. Is there a way to "hold" your settings?

3. Next, is the sound quality from my GNote a function of the phone itself or the standard Music Player program I'm using? Will downloading a "better" MP program provide better sound quality? Or at least, allow me to tweak the sound settings and not revert to flat settings on my next launch?

4. Lastly, this may not be a phone-related question but how do I edit the mp3 file as to its artist, album and song title? Many of the music I uploaded to my phone are just titled as track #s.

Any advise and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks! :)

Hi, I use my phone also as a major music player.

I find the sound quality fine, but I don't have an apple comparison. I can compare it with other phones, Creative mp3 players, and others, PC sound, CD etc. But it compares fine.

I use Playerpro. I like it's clean and simple lines. Tried poweramp but found the interface odd, but powerful.

There are tag editors out there also, but I use Mediamonkey on my PC to update album art and tags prior to putting on the phone.

And isn't the Note just great to show cover art - Another reason I prefer Playerpro, the album art is maxed out to the edges of the screen. Get some hires album art, and apply it to the album (around 1000x1000 pixel images) - you will really appreciate it.
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Yeah I try to put at least 800x800 album art on my files so that they always look super badass on my Note. I mount it in front of my head unit so it's always showing what's playing. Also on PowerAmp you can have it maxed out as well, just adjust the zoom on the album art to 1.1 or 1.2, I can't remember which one, but it makes it perfect.
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