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Sep 7, 2023
Hi all,
I've got a MX Enjoy TV box for overseas channel subscription (BalkaniYUm).
Works fine, I bought a new Android TV yesterday Kogan U94T and I'm not getting any sound and there's a pink hue over the whole screen.
Tried different ports.
Tried new HDMI cable.
Everything else I plug into the TV works perfectly.
Plug the box into old TV works fine.
Tried all the different resolutions on the box and still the same.

Please help
Thankyou in advance.
Yeah unfortunately they don't have the app for Android TV but have it for LG and Samsung. Even though their platform/box is Android based.
I think I've had the box since 2016 or so... works perfect on my old TV just doesn't like this one.
i would look to upgrade your box then. 2016 is pretty old as is the operating system. its probably just not compatible with the newer tv.
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possible HDCP compliance issue. Pink screen is one of the symptoms. if another HDMI cable doesn't solve it, and it still works with the old TV, then that's likely the case. It probably doesn't have HDCP 2.1 support, so the newer TV rejects it. HDCP is one of those useless anti-pirating measures.
Hello, thankyou for your reply, is there a way around it? Tried 4 different hdmi cables with no luck.
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No, unfortunately HDCP is hardcoded. The HDMI cable can oftentimes be culprit but mostly it's a version conflict. My cable box refuses to work with my Yamaha A/V receiver because it needs to be version 2.1 or higher and the receiver only supports 1.1. HDCP is a stupid anti-pirate measure that has caused customers more issues than it has caused pirates. But the FCC is relentless in enforcing it anyway.
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