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Root My 1st root. Samsung Admire Newb with questions.

Just rooted my 1st Android with the 1 click root. Everything so far is great. I have titanium backup, superuser, setcpu, apps2sd, quickboot, juice defender, SDmaid, and autokiller. All great tools that have made this little average phone fly!. I can not however figure out how to do a nandroid backup on this device. I bricked one before with rom manager. so I am weary about getting that again. However I only bricked when I chose a device on the list that wasnt mine. Like I said I am very new and not completely savvy in this stuff. I just want to backup my current state before messing around further with roms. There is no backup choice in my recovery screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Welcome aboard ^_^ always glad to see a new face. The reason why you do not see a backup/restore option to create the nandroid is because you have not installed a custom recovery. Our phone has Clockwork Mod Recovery or CWM for short. Sorry that I cannot link you to threads due to using a mobile device, but search around for the odin thread that installs cwm onto your phone. It requires a PC to install by the way.
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