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My calendars?


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Nov 10, 2009
So all was good until a few days ago when i did something stupid. I dont use Google calendar and under Accounts, i have it unchecked as far as syncing with the phone. A couple of days ago i was looking at the month view in the calendar section and i hit the menu button. Next i hit the "more" button and saw something called "my calendars". I stupidly hit it and "US holidays" and my Gmail account show up. Both have check boxes next to them but i did not click them (At least i dont remember doing it). Today i had a reminder that did not show up. I checked the agenda on the phone and all my events were gone!! I log into my Gmail and all my events are in Gmail! Not good as i DO NOT want my events syncing with Gmail. I do a quick sync to get the events back on my phone and then uncheck the sync checkmark under accounts. Now my events still do not show up unless i go to the calendar section/menu/more and then put a check mark next to my listed Gmail account!! Funny thing is that even if i uncheck the box next to my Gmail address, i still see that green indicator that lets you know you have an event that day. However, when i click on the day, there is nothing there. How do i get back to the way it was where my events are on my phone ONLY and do not sync with Google?
Now it gets worse. Events i enter on my phone do not show up at all. Instead they are send directly to my Gmail calendar. The only way for me to see them is to have calendar open and then navigate to menu/more/my calendars and then put a check mark next to my gmail account. Can someone please tell me what i did to mess things up? Its been working perfectly for weeks now without the need to sync with the mothership.
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