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My Dodgers are.......

LOL! It's still early folks. For you Dodgers fans, Manny is the cog of the wheel for you folks - once he's back the offense will come back alive. The Tigers pitching just needs to step their game up b/c Cabrera will carry that offense like he has been all season. As for the Cubs.. sorry I don't have anything for you lol

Manny and his 45 million for 2 years should of had never been an option. We suck because of our pithcing staff!
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Dodgers are and will be a joke as long McBroke (McCarpetbagger) owns them... They are the worst.... Hurts to see our team in the 2nd biggest market run like kansas city or pittsburgh.

The recent trades would have been great if they already had an ace not another no. 3 starter... another bat at 3rd base would be great too. i like blake but he's not the answer.

somehow they're still only 5 games back in the wild card.
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No offense but the Rams are a long way off from being playoff contenders. There are many other better teams in the NFC that have what it takes to make it and compete in the postseason.

Besides the 49ers being a threat for the NFC west who else is there. Cardinals lost Boldwin & Warner....Seattle???? Nope. 49ers should win the division if Alex Smith can do something
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