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My "EVO vs. Epic" rant

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Jun 26, 2010
Please forgive me..... but I keep reading these threads on the new Epic.... and I just want to cringe. Maybe it is a great phone?..... maybe it is better than the EVO?..... but it still makes me cringe.

I want to respond and post my comments to every news article I see, and it is just getting old.. because I have to "join" to post a comment.

Let me tell you why I hate the Epic so much....

I was one of those guys that chose the Samsung Ace over the HTC Touch Pro (1).

I was also one of those guys that chose the Samsung Moment over the HTC Hero.

In both cases, I got SCREWED with an under-developed, under researched, faulty phones with serious software issues. I got ONE update in the year I owned the Moment... I NEVER got one with the Ace.

Meanwhile, Samsung ever-so-gracefully and quickly released the "Intercept" and the "Intrepid" to replace the seriously flawed devices, while leaving all the idiots (like me) who bought those phones, out in the cold.... looking for their next upgrade.

Samsung is NOTORIOUS for doing this - releasing a flashy, yet under developed crap to the public, and then providing little or no solutions to the customers.... and they have screwed me TWICE.

Yet, the HTC Touch Pro 2 is STILL the best Windows based, internationally capable smartphone on the market... over a YEAR after it was released. And the Hero is still an excellent mid-level choice for an android device, while the Moment (although released at the same time), is a worthless piece of crap with 20 pages complaints floating all over the internet due to all its software issues.

This isn't a "My EVO is so much better than the Epic" rant at all. I don't know if it is... and quite frankly... I don't care.

This is a "I'm so sorry that you just bought a Samsung product" rant. I actually feel BAD for the people that bought this thing..... and the more I'm reading about GPS fixes, keyboard problems, etc... the more I can't help but say...... "Well that figures". Most people would likely be SHOCKED that Samsung actually had the audacity to release a $500 super-phone that can't even get the GPS to work right. Not me... I'm not surprised at all... they did it on the Moment too.... and still haven't fixed all the bugs.

I keep hearing people write "I can't wait to get the GPS fix".... or "I can't wait to get the 2.2 update". Meanwhile, My EVO shipped out with 2.2 from HTC.

Mark my words......In 6 months..... Samsung will release another phone to replace (and fix) all the problems with the Epic (many of which I'm sure have yet to be discovered). They will conveniently rename it something "other" than Epic, so as not to draw any association to that device... and then all those Epic buyers will be out in the cold.

Yes.... I've read the reviews.... the Epic is "superior" to the EVO.... great.

But the Moment was superior in just about every way to the Hero as well..... and look how that ended up.

I sincerely HOPE that the Epic is everything it's cracked up to be.... I really do, for the consumers' sake. I really hope that Samsung provides the necessary fixes, and necessary support for the device that they should.... and not just one or two updates..... but several, for years to come, as any responsible company SHOULD do after selling such an expensive device.

... but if their history proves correct.... they won't... and there's gonna be a lot of pissed off Samsung buyers.... just like me.

Maybe the Epic is better than my EVO???..... I'm ok with that... but you'll NEVER catch me even glancing at another Samsung product..... ever.

--Rant over.
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