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My first ever Android Application


Apr 22, 2012
Heard of my new Android App that pass code protects the incoming calls of selective contacts and all contacts? It's called Xumba and is finally being after months of very hard work and patience.

It works seamlessly; I asked an 'epic' developer friend of mines to test and debug the code.

Here is the blog I am using to describe and promote Xumba: Protect Incoming Calls

Most importantly, I want feedback from the pro's and learners of this forum as that will encourage me to build bigger and better apps.

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Hi Charlie, any feedback from a guru is definitely what I'm looking for. I'm not yet a brilliant developer so I really want to take my skills to the next stage

Hi Austrie, that's what I thought while I was looking for an app that protected my incoming calls from my nosy close friend

Hi itisufo, which website are you referring to? I have a blog which is Xumba - Protect Incoming Calls and then there is the very long Google Play link:

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I was going to download it so that I could test it this week, but the market says it's not compatible? I have an E4GT with CM9 (ICS)
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