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Help My HTC Evo Keeps Restarting By Itself


Aug 4, 2010
My HTC EVO 4G keeps restarting on its own. It first started when I downloaded Angy Birds. First it would restart only when I played any games. Now, it restarts while texting, Facebook, etc. Anyone come by this issue? If so, any solutions? Do not want to have to restore my phone to factory settings.

Thank you.
If you take it back to sprint (service center) they will do a factory reset.. when that doesn't work they will replace the the phone.

I went through this a little while back. It took a couple visits because they had to do this reset process to appease themselfs but in the end I have a phone that isn't crapping itself constantly like before.
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I posted on here earlier about my EVO rebooting and decided to do a factory reset...well...i tried and my phone started rebooting. Honest. Help!
If it's all back to stock, un-rooted, -S on etc...

Go see a Sprint service center. See my post above.

With any luck they'll accept that you already did the factory reset and just get you a replacement.
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