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My Invincible Hero...

I know I've seen numerous posts on here saying things like, "I've dropped my Hero, OH No..." and other such things. But I'm here to say I begun to think something real bad. My Hero is darn right invincible.

Just to lead in properly I'll give a little background. I work for Cedar Point amusment park as a third shift supervisor. That means i make rounds of the entire park through the night, checking all sorts of various things. Now, just like any normal person I've dropped my phone a few times, and due to the nature of my job, it usually hits concrete, blacktop, grass, mud, and sometimes carpet and tile.

Last night while I was up on the platform of Raptor which is an inverted coaster, I was getting ready to go down the back stairs which is a spiral staircase when i went to check the time and check into foursquare. As I got to the staircase I missed the first step and stumbled. Reacting on instinct I automatically reached for the handrail and subsiquently released my Hero. It bounced off one step then proceeded to spiral towards the ground, where it ended up hitting the concrete below. On a guess I'd say it was approximatly about 25 or so feet. When I got to my Hero I was totally ready to pick it up and find the screen shattered. But of all things the screen didn't even appear to have a scratch.

However, the silver plate on front, the trackball, the battery cover, and the battery all had to be found. Once all the pieces were found I pieced it all back together and viola, my hero started right up smooth as silk. in fact if anything the accelerometer (sp?) seems to be working a little more smooth.

But before I get you thinking nothing is wrong let me tell you the bad. The bottom left corner of the body is dented and scratched to heck. the chrome piece is broken on the left side and the body is split slightly also on the left side. But mostly cosmetic. The worst part is the Home button, it's jammed and inoperable due to that dent I mentioned before.

I'd say that's not a bad consolation considering I could've been out a phone all together...

So again I say, My hero is Invincible.
Ok, I never realised how hard it would be to get some decent pics of this thing but here's at least an attempt...




As far as the dust that is shown, yes it's under the screen and it's getting worse bit by bit. But it's not too noticable when the screen is on.
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