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Help My LG Optimus One cannot receive MMS


May 19, 2011
When someone sends me an MMS I push the "download" button and all it does is say "Currently unable to download message. Please try again later". Is there some setting on my p[hone that is preventing it from downloading MMS? I am running 2.2.1 and am on the T-mobile network.
I found the solution to solve MMS download problem.
Just hold the "Download" in your MMS for 2 seconds, then the button will become blur or grey with "downloading" text. Then the picture will appears. For downloading the picture to SD card, just hold down the picture for 2 seconds then the option to save to SD card will appears.
Hope it will help you a lot. :)
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Now I know what you ask for about. Right now I have same problem, that my Optimus Black cannot send or even download picture message (or MMS, or Multimedia message). Everytime I receive MMS, then I click "download" button, but always shows "Currently unable to download message. Please try again later". It so strange that I have not changed the settings, and some days ago I still can send and receive MMS. All 3G and data are on, but I still cannot download and send MMS. What a pity. Is there anybody (especially LG-ers) in the world know the solution?
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I am having this same problem!

GPRS works fine with my Browser/Twitter etc

whenever I get a MMS/PXT it just shows a Download button in the Message and I press it (it changes to greyed out) then nothing happens.

Frustrating alright!

I got the same problem as this . .

I can only receive the MMS after telling the person to send it again.
On the 2nd go, the MMS shows up automatically.
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Hi all, I've been having the same problem (press download, nothing happens) and was looking around for a solution. Just figured it out myself after reading a few things. I usually use wi-fi to connect to the internet so I don't have my data turned on since I don't have a good data plan (too $$!)

I decided to try turning it on. (If you're not sure what I'm talking about - in the top pull-down menu on my phone it's the second icon from the right - a little phone icon with two curves on the upper right corner to signify sending/receiving signal. When it's off, there's an X on it.)

When I turned it on and pressed the download button in one of my MMS messages - voila! Images and videos downloaded and viewable. You can also save them to your SD card. So unfortunately I'll be paying for the KBs to download (I think?) but at least I know how to get the images now.

Hope this works for you!
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I was having the same problem for AGES, and couldn't find a fix anywhere online.
Tonight I decided I had enough, backed up all my important info, and reset to factory default. It worked! I can now send and receive picture messages normally. It's worth a try to see if it works for you too :)

My specs:
LG Optimus One (p500) on Koodo network, OS version 2.3.3
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