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Help My N7000 bricked? Freezes after start-up.


Oct 21, 2014
Hello phandroid forum!

My Gt-N7000 became ever more slow and could no longer update the apps due to a full memory. Finally got around to rooting the phone with the PhilZ-cwm6-XXLT9-ORA-5.08.5-signed (.zip) file using Odin. The plan was to use Superuser and System Tuner to get rid of all the bloatware.

Well, I'm quite the noob and just followed a guide from xda developers online. The phone rooted (confrimed with root checker) but now displays a yellow warning triangle on start-up and sometimes hanged for no apparent reason.

I then proceeded to try cleaning the bloatware. Using Lite-ROM Creator I imported a "fish-literom" something to System Tuner but it never loaded. I believe it was probably meant for an earlier version of android. I can no longer check what version I have but I would guess XXLT5 on 4.3 jelly bean, something like that. So there I was, rooted and messed up, but with all the bloatware still around.

Three days ago I needed to switch the sim card after forgetting to pay my phone bill (again). With the new sim, the phone started up but froze a couple of seconds after presenting the desktop. I switched back to the old sim and it was the same story. I have now confirmed that the original sim is alive again, so it shouldn't block any widget loading data or similar upon starting. Still the same. The silly aquarium background loads and everything works for a couple of seconds, then it dies. To restart I need to remove the battery.

Reading on forums I understood one should to press volume down + power + main to enter some sort of Odin boot. It displays:

Product name: GT-N7000
Custom binary download: yes (1 counts)
Current binary: Custom

"Downloading... Do not turn off target !!"

But after one hour of this I gave up and turned off the target anyways. I re-started the phone countless times now. I also tried to rush to menu - phone details to check my version details but the phone freezes too fast for me to finish the job.
Upon usb-ing to my PC I hear the new-device-sound but nothing ever shows up. It's like connecting a goddamn usb light or something.

I'm quite desperate, since I really can't afford a new phone and also have no clue what back-up program I used to save my life online. Some kind of app that backed up contacts and all, but who the f can remember which one?!

Did I kill my phone?
Is there anything I can do?
I'm ready to try just about anyhing and would be ever grateful for any advice!

Best regards,


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