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Help My screen's not working!

Ive unbranded and running gingervillain on my htc desire, But to mysuprise I was woke up by my alarm this morning but no display?

When I take out the a battery and restart i still get the HTC logo and the buttons light up, all sound seems to be fine and the phone boots up but with no display. This is annoying the hell out of me as my alarms are bloody still going off.

I'm with t-mobile and my upgrades in just over a month, Am I pretty screwed for sending it for repair? Or has anybody suffered similar problems?

Thanks in advance
If you get the HTC logo on a restart then the display hardware is working. so most likely a software problem. At what point in the boot sequence does the display go black: do you get the boot animation, or just the spash screen? Any information you can give might help someone diagnose it. In fact tell us everything you can about the phone model, setup, what other mods you've made, what you were doing before the problem started, whether you use ROM Manager,...?

As this is a rooted phone you might get a better response in the root subforum (you can ask a mod to move the thread).

Most importantly, can you see the hboot screen and recovery menu if you boot into them? If you can, then that sounds like a ROM or user app/data problem. But also if you can use recovery we have many options. Simplest would be to try reflashing the ROM, see whether that helps. If it doesn't, are your app/data backups (e.g. Titanium) up to date? If they are, you could try a factory reset from recovery and see whether it boots OK - if it does, then try restoring apps but not system settings. I'd normally say take a nandroid before doing anything, but there's a good chance that such a backup would also back up the problem.

If you can't see the recovery menu then it's a bit trickier, but we still have options. If absolutely nothing else works, there's always the ROM Update Utility, which will unroot and return to stock software (and wipe your apps and data). But no need to rush - we should try to find a less destructive solution first :). You should not return the phone for repair without trying the RUU, since in any event you will have no warranty if it is running custom software, but if it's a software problem the RUU should fix it anyway (though there are a few exceptions).

But also do move the thread, or start a new one in the root forum (with as much info as you can think of). I don't recognise this problem, which is why I'm just making some generic suggestions above, but there's always a chance that someone else will.
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Thanks mate I'll try answer you questions as clearly as possible but most of it is mumble jumble to me.

I basically turn the phone on and get the usual white/green htc screen with a startup vibrate, From there it usually goes to the Villainrom screen "free your rom" but nothing at all happens now the screen stays blank with the buttons still lit. The phone's booting up as you press the unlock button the lights on the buttons go on and off. The odd time the phone's booting up but as soon as it hits standby the screen wont come back on again.

I'm currently running Gingervillain 2.7/HBOOT 0.93.0001/RADIO- with no other mods at all, I read the forum and the topic about "ROM MANAGER" so one of the time its did boot I up I immediately removed ROM MANAGER, but still no success. Ive not downloaded any apps in weeks that I think could have caused the problem,Only app updates.

I can get onto the HBOOT sceen and select recovery,but seconds after doing so the screen goes blank again with no return, Am I right in thinking one of the time's it does boot up if i back everything up and do a factory reset I'll still save some of my apps etc? Im just worried as you said above i might back up the problem.

As i said its quite a strange problem as sometimes the phone will boot up,about every 1 out of 10 trys but I'd have to turn standby mode off if that's possible o prevent the screen going blank.

Yeah if a mod see's this could they please move it to the rooted section.

Thanks for your time

*edit* Managed to get into hboot and tried restoring,same problem. Then done a factory reset and still same blank screen occurs.
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