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My Stock Browser Is Gone!?

Joe Eris

Android Enthusiast
Mar 16, 2010
Riverside CA
I was setting up Launcher Pro last night and I added a bookmark widget to one of my screens. When the widget wouldn't populate I thought I would look & see if maybe I had a lot of bookmarks or something, so I look in the app drawer & the browser is not there. I look in hidden apps, not there either. I go into settings & look at all apps, still not there. I went into my default browser, which is Dolphin, cleared defaults, then clicked on a url to see if I would be given a choice of browsers, nope. I don't actually care since I use Dolphin & have not used a stock browser since froyo. I just find it strange that it could disappear. Any info on this would be appreciated. Thanks

EDIT: Never mind, I found it. Apparently I had disabled it & forgotten. I just love how ics let's you do so many things that previously could only be done if you were rooted. Freezing apps, screen shots, hell it even over clocked me to 1. 2 Ghz Ice Cream sandwich is definitely the yummiest of all. ;-)


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