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My text messages automatically delete! HELP


Jul 5, 2010
I have a HTC Desire, running Froyo on the o2 network.

My text messages automatically deleted during the middle of the night, this has happened once before... but paid no attention to it, thinking it a one off.

Has this happen to anyone else? Its really beginning to annoy me!!!


(thank you)
Under messages > menu > settings there is a category called storage options and a setting called delete old messages as limits are reached, make sure this is unchecked or leave the box checked and then change the message limit on the box below.

yep. the box is unchecked at present...
leaving the box checked limits my text messages to 5000 and 999 multimedia messages.

kinda silly if i have to do this... but i guess this is the way around it... that should be 3 months texts...
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