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Help My Xperia S is dead help me please


Dec 28, 2012
i tried to partition my xperia s using twrp recovery since then i can not turn on my phone , i tried to connect my phone with the charger but the indicating light didn't appeared and i also tried to connect it with the usb port but it didn't worked out , then i opened flash tools and connected it and in flash tools it said device connected with USB Debugging off . Now i can not even open it on flash mode even i m really worried as i only used it for 4days . Oww one more thing i chose ext 2 in the partition option and since then my phone doesn't even light up its screen . So please help me guys :( :bawling:
I don't know his the dual booting works on phones, but wouldn't partitioning the system partitions be the way to go?
I'm not saying that this is the correct answer, just some knowledge I picked up in the Desire forum with custom HBOOT.

If you had a ROM in that standard desire system partition that was only 100mb,you were wasting another 150mb because the system partition was 250mb.
So people flashed a custom hboot #system partition # to gain maximum space.

The issue is though, soon as you change the partition size, data has to be moved and is often corrupt.

So you needed to restore a Nandroid to get all the data back.

I only say this because what if you partitioned the system partition and not mmc?

Could you not find out the default partition sizes, partition to those sizes and try flash another Rom. Though that does assume your phone will even be read by the partition software.
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