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sony xperia s

  1. xxtinxx

    Help I'm confused about which parts should I buy -please help me

    So I have Xpera Lt26i and it's kinda broken. When someone is calling me, I can't hear that person and my speaker for music is also broken. So I don't know which parts should I buy on ebay. I'm confused:confused: I've found something on ebay and I'm asking you if this is the right part So...
  2. babsbabs

    Android robot

    How do I by pass the Android robot . As it keeps appearing on its back
  3. R

    Help Phone misbehaving after it nearly reset itself.

    Hi, this is my first time on Android Forums. A hour ago, my phone asked me to enter a code because my device was encrypted. Airplane mode was on and I couldn't do anything. When I failed to get the boot screen up because my volume button is broken it started normally and let me interact with...
  4. S

    Help Disable Annoying Beep sound on Volume change.

    Sony Xperia S (Rooted) Android Jellybean 4.1.2 Build# 6.2.B.1.96 Can Someone Please Tell me How to disable this Annoying Beep Sound which play everytime i change Volume... I have searched for the answer on Google & This Forum (No Luck). I have tried to find beep file in...
  5. S

    Help Google play & Gmail Stopped working (No Connection)

    After Installing latest Gmail today my Google Store and Gmail has stopped working, btw Chrome Browser works fine and also Yahoo account on Gmail app also works. Google Play Store Shows this error: And Gmail Latest (Today Updated) Shows this error: I have tried following things: - I...
  6. P

    Help sony xperia s - problem with files - 0k - cant be deleted! they reproduce!

    hello dear all, im going here litterary crazzy. since yesterday that i erased the old pics on the folder "send" in my whatsup apk, i have 73 pics that the album of my sony reads them as broken, but in fact the pics were deleted.... (or werent they? - it seems they werent!) when i check in...
  7. M

    Help Memory is unmounted or unavailable. Help me!

    As the title says, i really need help. This is all happened right just after i upgraded my android version to 4.1.2 version. Whenever i want to open up my media such as pictures, mp3 and video, there will be a pop up message telling me that, " Memory is unmounted or unavailable" . I didn't get...
  8. J

    Help My Sony Xperia S won't boot up beyond sony logo? How do I get data off phone?

    My phone randomly stopped booting up properly. It boots to the sony logo, and then freezes at it. Occasionaly the logo doesn't appear and just the back light comes on, and nothing else. Whatever has happened, it seems a proble with the OS or CPU. My data must still be on the phone but I have...
  9. S

    Help Delay before making calls

    My xperia s started having around a minute delay between clicking on a contact to make a call and actually making the call and there is a delay with texts aswell, I restored all my apps with titanium backup then downloaded updates and phone worked fine for a week until it did some app updates...
  10. C

    Help led failure

    Has any one else experienced the led on the back of the phone Failing? Recently I noticed whenever I used a flashlight app the led was flickering and getting weaker, because of that I stopped using it until today. As I used the light it flickered and died almost straight away it is almost...
  11. E

    Help photo recovery

    i deleted few of my photo by mistake and i need them back any way how can i recovery the photo's did someone know any app thet dan help me?
  12. A

    Help Backup and Restore app - frustrated as can't backup apps

    I noticed that when the JB 4.1.2 update came along, the stock Backup and Restore app could not backup apps and their data anymore. When I click the drop down arrow next to apps, eveything is greyed out and it reads "Could not be backed up:" This is annoying as there are some apps I wish to...
  13. E

    Help saftey mode

    How do i get out from saftey mode and return to normal mode?
  14. Z

    Help updating and repairing my phone. how can i prevent loosing my files ?

    Hi ! recently my phone just turned off. i cant turn it on, so therefore android support told me to repair my phone using support zone. The support zone tells me that my internal files, videos, pictures, music library etc. will get lost and that only the sd-card can remain the files. but i dont...
  15. P

    Help Why is Android OS using SOO MUCH Bandwidth??!

    At first, Android OS would use something like 20 MB for every 200 MB or so, almost like it was a spyware sending reports at 1\10th of total bandwidth. It's puzzling because I have disabled all the disableable apps, uninstalled playstore and deleted backups and linked google accounts. There is...
  16. M

    Help Battery drain, please help!

    Guys, I own a Sony Xperia S. I've attached pictures here, which are pretty self explanatory. Please help! :-(
  17. D

    Help Why am I getting storage problems on my Sony Xperia S?

    Hi everone. My Sony Xperia S is saying that I have run out of storage. When I go to settings, storage, it says that I have 22GB available and 1.24GB used for apps. 1.03GB used for pics and vids. 28MB for audio. Is there any way I can reallocate some of that 22GB that is free to use it for...
  18. Z

    Bluetooth pin problem

    I have had my Xperia for a while now and at no stage have I entered a bluetooth pin for connecting to other devices. Now I want to it asks for a PIN and I don't know what it is. Is there a default pin for this? How can I change it? Any help greatly appreciated Cheers Dave
  19. Prso9

    Due an upgrade

    I'm due to upgrade my Xperia S at the end of April. I've loved my Xperia S but thinking about getting the Xperia Z1 Compact.
  20. V

    Root Rooting an Xperia S LT26

    Good afternoon all have an Xperia S lt26 running 4.1.2 build 6.2.b.1.96 Would like to install KitKat but left in the lurch by Sony! New roms sound really good, but can someone explain who to root and then install a new room in layman's terms Thanks
  21. 5

    cant open and logo keeps flashing

    Hi there all, Yesterday I tried to do a system update on my Xperia S. After finishing update, it required me to reboot my phone. But it won
  22. M

    Help screen glitch

    Basically the main problem I keep getting is that the screen will just go black as if I've locked my phone but it will flash back on when I take my finger off the screen, for some reason it will only happen when I touch the screen. It also seems to happen more if I'm holding the screen...
  23. B

    Root xperia s

    im trying to flash my xperia s to 6.2.B.0.211 so i can root it, i have installed all the drivers and each time i still wont flash. when i start the flash, it loads and tells me its done and to restart but when i try to run DooMLoRD_Easy-Rooting-Toolkit_v17_perf-event-exploit it still says...
  24. V

    Xperia Home Crashing

    All Need your assistance :confused: I have a Sony Xperia S which I am very happy with but recently it has started to FREEZE on the home home screen. The only option is to restart the phone. Checked a few sites and cleared the cache/data on the Xperia Home App. This cleared my...
  25. O

    Help Mounting internal storage?

    I was just wondering, anybody had any luck getting the internal storage to mount in windows 8? it happily mounts as a device and lets me browse it, but I cannot for the life of me work out how to get it to mount like an external hd, which I need to do to run some recovery software on the drive...