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My ZTE blade might be hacked what do I do?

Doug L

May 19, 2023
My cellphone has been shutting down on me while I'm either in the middle of a game or talking on the phone and this has been happening everyday for a long time and I have tried to E-mail the manufacture but they reply by asking me for the IMEI number and my location plus the manufacturing number and all of that. And of coarse I gave them it not realizing someone could be hacking my cell and getting all my numbers and private msgs and my pictures how can I stop these ppl and get justice for the privacy breach plus possibly stealing money bc iv put my bank info in my phone also plz help!
Im feeling like my cell is being breached n my pictures and msgs r being looked at and red by someone or some perv it's very scary and disappointing knowing ppl e getting away with this. No matter what I do to stop it this jus keeps happening and not to anyone around me it's really weird. I think I'm going to get a new phone or factory reset it. Who do I turn too to get this fixed?
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setup 2 step verification on all accounts where applicable. backup your data and do a factory reset. this is done thru the phone's settings. you can do a hard reset which is a much deeper wipe, but this will trip FRP and you will need the google account info that was originally used when the phone was first setup.
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I would suggest doing a factory reset... especially if your phone is dropping calls and such weirdness. Hack or not, a factory reset should return the phone to factory fresh. I would also advise you to change all of your passwords directly following the reset. Back up everything that you don't want to lose in the process and be certain to have your google information at hand because a factory reset will require you to log in with the credentials used when you first set up your phone. Once you have the phone reset and logged back into your phone, you should change your google credentials.
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